Learn how a Hosted Voice System will benefit your business

Effective business communications leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver a state-of-the-art Hosted Voice service

The key for any small business to survive in the modern world is being able to reliably communicate with their clients, co-workers, and stakeholders. A strong telecommunications network is crucial for being able to engage customers with a real voice on the end of the line, and letting co-workers share ideas even when out of office. With the importance of communication technology in a business’s success, only the most state of the art and innovative solutions will do, which is why many are switching to using a Hosted Voice System to manage these vital pieces of company infrastructure.

Voice over IP (VoIP) systems can be either in house, relying on maintaining a private server, or hosted in the cloud (these cloud-based setups are what is referred to as a Hosted Voice System). A cloud Hosted Voice System is an internet-based phone system that houses the servers and applications of the phone system in an offsite data centre, rather than within the business itself. Essentially making use of an internet connection to make local and international calls. By using a Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system, a small business can increase efficiency and productivity, all while saving time and money.

For a business without a dedicated IT team, there are huge benefits to using a Hosted Voice system. To make use of this technology, all a business needs to do is subscribe to a hosting service. This service will then take care of all associated maintenance, reducing costs and worry for the business.

Aside from the initial set-up costs at the time of installation, ongoing monthly costs will depend on the business, however Hosted Voice Systems allow a business to manage call costs by subscribing to packages with included calls. This means the same cost can be expected each month, avoiding the stress of a potential unexpected charge on a business. On top of this, by hosting the system in the cloud there are improved reliability and system up-times.

Employees are able to use their desktops as phones, saving money on new hardware while also being a boost to productivity as everything they need is all in one place. The advantages of being able to use a computer as an employee’s phone extend also to the scalability of these systems. Hosted Voice Systems can also be used on a range of other devices accessible to employees, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

This means that a company can ensure that all its employees can communicate securely and effectively, with all the applications of a desk phone, even if they cannot physically be in the office. It has been shown that there is a 20% increase in productivity when employees are able to work on projects on-site or remotely, and a Hosted Voice System helps to make this productivity boost easier and more reliable.

These systems can also be easily expanded as a business grows, connecting more users without any disruptions to service as the number of lines changes. Additionally, they come with the option to add physical handsets and other features, making them the perfect choice for scalability. Scaling telecom networks with a Hosted Voice System also ensures that employees won’t have to use multiple phone systems at different offices. This ease of use is an advantage for productivity and ensures that there can be quick and effective sharing of solutions across the business.

As mentioned above, Hosted Voice Systems can allow for services to continue uninterrupted. This extends beyond just scalability, and also ensures that the business can continue to function during a power or hardware failure. Hosting the PBX system offsite means that the business will not be vulnerable to the costs associated with a downed network and can continue to operate unimpeded. Providing better reliability financially, and in client satisfaction.

Additional scalability features can be found with the many additional features available to a Hosted Voice System.  Voicemail messages can be received via email, creating instantaneous business communication which is vital in today’s workplace.  The system also provides customer-specific  call routing to allow smarter call flow.

Despite the advantages to using a Hosted Voice System, the idea of setting up a new technology can be daunting for many businesses. However, Click Access is here to guide and assist your business to facilitate set-up, and reap the benefits of a cloud hosted system.

By using a Hosted Voice System, it is possible to save money, increase productivity, allow the business to grow without interruption, and provide a more reliable and secure network for employees and customers alike. These benefits, combined with the ability to add and change additional scalability features, make a Hosted Voice System the perfect choice for a small business looking for a strong and modern communications network.

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