As a professional company located on the Sunshine Coast, we make sure to maintain a social and environmental responsibility to our surrounding areas. The community we work in is our top priority, and so taking care of their well being through the products we supply is extremely important to us. 

We Care for the Environment We Live In

We are undertaking the following actions to strive to responsibly lessen our impact on the environment wherever we can, by: 

  • Factoring the environment in our everyday decision making at management meetings and with our staff

  • Raising awareness and encouraging our staff to carry out more sustainable business practices by informing and involving them at induction and at regular training sessions.

  • Recycling paper, glass, batteries, fluorescent and long life bulbs,and printer cartridges.

  • Operating a ‘switch off’ policy for office staff to turn off computer equipment and printers when not in use.

  • Reducing our usage of harmful cleaning chemicals and replacing these with eco-friendly products wherever possible.

  • Reducing our usage of paper by printing double sided.

We will continue to:

  • Use low energy light bulbs in our office areas

  • Monitor our energy consumption of electricity and water.

  • Use electronic mail where possible to reduce the use of paper.

  • Turn off unnecessary lights and taps.

  • Buy in bulk.

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PO Box 1255, Buderim  QLD  4556

Mooloolah Valley, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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