The Flip Phone is Back!

It wasn't all that long ago when the mobile world was awestruck by the concept of Samsung Galaxy Fold. Although the device was full of hardware-related issues, it managed to garner much attention.

Fast forward to the present day. Samsung has pitched another foldable phone in the same segment, the Galaxy Z Flip. What does this denote for the future?

Samsung is making it clear that the phones in the future may carry a much different design element compared to the present. In 2019, the Korean giant had launched its first-ever 5G dubbed as Galaxy S10 5G.

Going by the current trend, it's safe to say that the future of mobile phones will prove to be revolutionary. Utilising the ongoing scenario, Motorola also announced a foldable Motorola Razr model. The mobile is a comeback of the original Motorola Razr mobile, which once used to be the talk of the town.

Another element that will see a flare in the future is the camera resolution. With resolution as high as 108MP in the latest Galaxy S20 mobiles, expect more phones to follow this advancement. Multi-lens models have already arrived. One can expect to see further improvement in camera-related features.

How does the Galaxy S20 series compare with the iPhone?

The biggest feature of the Galaxy S20 model taking the lead over the iPhone is the camera. Comparing the most expensive models of both brands show Samsung as a clear leader.

Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G features a triple lens camera setup with 108MP maximum resolution. On the other hand, the Iphone 11 Pro Max offers just 12MP. The Galaxy also offers expandable memory via a card slot, a feature not offered by its counterpart.

Another striking difference is the ultra-smooth display refresh rate. The Galaxy S20 series feature 120Hz display, ensuring a top-class user experience. The Iphone only offers a 60Hz standard panel.

One aspect where Apple does exceptionally well is the chipset department. The A13 bionic chip is highly capable and shows up the Snapdragon used in the latest Galaxy models.

Comparing the RAM availability, the latest Galaxy mobiles offer RAM as high as 12GB and 16GB. The RAM offered in even the most expensive Iphone variant is limited to 4GB.

There is little doubt that the current Iphone lineup will be refreshed in the near future. Will Apple take a few hints from Samsung and offer similar features in its product range?

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