New Mobile Plan for the Kids

As your children grow and become more independent and responsible, it's inevitable and natural that they want to be out enjoying the company of their friends, attending social occasions and get-togethers.

For us as parents, its certainly a nerve-racking experience when your kids are doing their own thing without us being in close range.

On one hand, you're happy that they're growing up, socialising and finding their way in the big wide world. On the other hand, you wish you could wrap them up and just hold on forever.

It's a tough time for all parents.

It makes sense at some point to provide your child with their own mobile phone and plan. What age is right? That's certainly something you need to think about and decide for yourself.

But, the security of knowing your kids can call you - and vice versa - is priceless.

Here at Click Access, we have a range of mobile phone handsets and a great new mobile plan aimed specifically at the little people in your life.

It includes unlimited talk and text, so they can call you anytime without worrying about the expiry of a prepaid allowance.

It also includes 2.5 gb of data, which is a great starting point when they don't have access to Wi-Fi.

The best bit? It won't break the bank at just $20 per month.

Should your beloved do household chores to pay for it? That's up to you!

Call us today on (07) 5315 5440 to connect.

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