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With the arrival of NBN services in your area, you may be unsure what it means for your business, with considerations for the connection process and the potential cost of upgrading your systems to accommodate the new technology.

With many business entities on the Sunshine Coast yet to migrate to the NBN, we are receiving calls every day. Business owners may have been told by their current provider that they need to upgrade their phone system, and they will need all manner of new equipment with the possibility of significant capital expense.

Having a reliable business phone system maintains effective and seamless communication with your clients

This is simply not true! In most cases, a new phone system is not needed, and while your system may need adapting, this can be done with minimal disruption and a much lower cost than the expense of a new system.

A no-obligation, free consultation is available for Sunshine Coast business owners. Call us to book.

As a new service to business owners, we are offering FREE consultations to discuss your migration to NBN services. We'll check your current phone system and advise if an upgrade is needed (if any!) and we will also offer you a free bill analysis. We may even be able to save you money on your current bill spend (who doesn't like that idea?)

If you would like to book your FREE business consultation, please call Liz on 5315 5440, or email us at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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